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Gliding is flying; without the noise, vibration, immigration queues and tiny windows that you get from a standard discount airline.

You are in charge, fancy spend an afternoon drifting calmly and peacefully along the hill? Or perhaps you just want to go and look at your house?

Once you have strapped in and gone aloft you gain an incredible sense of space. The views are panoramic and almost totally unobscured. On a clear day you can easily see 30 or 40 miles, down the Chilterns across London or out towards the Cotswolds.

Once you have learnt to thermal a good day can take you accross the country, or give you a couple of hours of escape. The choice is yours!

temperature inversion
temperature inversion image <1 of 3>
discover things that you didn't know existed
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a relaxing winters afternoon soaring the
Dunstable Downs ridge in silence
spectacular views
spectacular views image <3 of 3>
explore the world again from a different angle
much more enjoyable than sitting at a computer
more about inversions
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London Sailplanes Ltd, Trading as the London Gliding Club.
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temperature inversiondiscover things that you didn't know existedhomea relaxing winters afternoon soaring theDunstable Downs ridge in silencespectacular viewsexplore the world again from a different anglemuch more enjoyable than sitting at a computer